Do You Want to Know More About Badminton

Badminton is a ball game in which you should use a long-handled racket to hit a flat ball with a circle of feathers across the net. It is sure an indoor sports. Based on the number of participants, the players can simply be divided into singles and doubles. Compared to the similar nature of tennis, the physical requirements of badminton players is not very high. But this kind of game need more meticulous and endurance. Therefore, it's very suitable for Asian. Since 1992, badminton has become an Olympic Games.

Brief introduction:

1, (badminton): the pitch movement which need two or four players. They hit the ball with a long-handled racquet across a net hanging in the middle of the pitch.

2, (shuttlecock): the ball used in the shuttlecock game. The bottom is a round rubber care, and the above arrangement are the feathers. You can call playing it with the racket going.

The developmet of the badminton:

About 14-15 century in Japan, people used the wooden racket at the time, while the feather ball is made of cherry. According to legend, Japan emerged into the beautiful cherry feathers onto the cherry ball. While two people spared it with the wooden racket back and forth. This is the prototype of badminton.

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The modern badminton was in formed from the UK, 1873, in Glasgow. In the county town of Bloomington was a man named Bao Fute Duke. in his territory opened a garden party, a few retired military officers came back from India introduced a net playing shuttlecock game to them. People had a great interest in that. A result of the funny and interesting activity, it soon became popular in the high society. "Bloomington" became the English name of badminton. In 1893, 14 British built some first Badminton Association Badminton clubs.

In the 18th century, India's Pona city, the game which is similar to the today's badminton activities showed up. Weaving into a ball of knitting wool, feathers on the plug, armed with wooden bats, separated net hit the ball in the air back and forth on, the game was accepted by many people. However, this game disappeared not before long.

Badminton was introduced into China around 1920, after the liberation, it had developed rapidly. In the 70s the 20th century, our team had been among the world's badminton teams as well.

In the 70s, the International Badminton altar was evenly divided between Indonesia and China.

But in the 80s, the advantage had shifted to China. It showed that our badminton has reached world advanced level.